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vestige, a walk among ruin.

by Lectrov for Arts Numériques/ESA Saint-Luc Bruxelles

Tip: the default keyboard layout is AZERTY. At launch you can change in input tab. churchyard ...

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Walking simulator


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This looked really beautiful, very atmospheric too, nice colours and style.

I uploaded some no commentary gamplay of the level:


I made a video about it! Although I just dicked around because there is no real objective in the game, it was still fun!

Awesome! I love beautiful worlds that you can just wander around in. Do you mind if I ask about how you created the art style? For example, how did you create the textures? And what texture maps did you use apart from diffuse maps?

Thank you! I just use diffuse and normal map, they are made in Substance designer. The trees was generated by the unity tree editor.

Thanks for the reply! I've been making trees and other vegetation in Blender but I didn't realise you could make such stylised trees with the Unity tree editor. I will have to try it out.

Love This Game! <3


the hole can change the vision try go down the hole!!!


A nice Walking Simulator. I like the Art-Style.


Well... you got covered by Game Grumps. You... may not enjoy the end result



Well... that was EPIC ! :D

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here is a video for you ;)

I wish there was small objectives or sometin :)

awesome map..

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All that remained were ruins of a bygone age.


I hope you add some objectives to the map and it will have gameplay.

rightnow it is just pretty :)

this is not a game it is a pretty map :)

I had a lot of fun! If there is a rabbit in the game, I certainly can't find it.

This game is super pretty! I really liked it!

Nice gameplay!


This game is so beautiful, really enjoyed it!


Nice level design...but is that all it is? Showing off a level design?

The most interesting thing that happened apart from the whimsical graphics was jumping around the "out of bounds" areas after finding a way through the walls. Then I plummeted to my death by falling off the edge of the level.


As the teacher who gave the assignment, yup, that was totally the point ;) There's an updated version today with a few more stuff, though.


This game has a wonderful atmosphere.


This game is beautiful! Was an awesome experience :)

Highly encourage everyone to check it out!


Beautiful, an amazing experience. Until I found the invisible walls. Maybe you should think of a better way to end the playable world.


So beautiful but nohing else? Or did I miss something?

Stay rad everybody!!



There's a white rabbit to follow. He's close to the ruins.

really cool.

i can litteraly see the influance of russian litterature on your work

game crashes at loading screen after saying unity


Really beautiful. Love the colours, and the square foliage is lovely.


Great work - I also hope to see more in the future. Feels like it should be "Name your own price" rather than free...


Very soothing and thematically consistent.


A living painting.


Intriguing and pretty. I'd like to see more where this came from. -Damon


Lovely environment, great art style. Very pleasant.